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KleanFreaks offers House Wash in Auckland for great prices. No matter the size or shape of your house, we have the expertise and equipment to do House Wash. Some of our clients include regular and multi level homes, townhouses, low level apartments, small and large flats, low level commercial buildings, industrial spaces and stand alone structures. Our team will carry out an evaluation of your building wash and then from there we can advise on the best options for you. We are more than happy to go through everything in detail and explain the cleaning process so you can rest easy that your house is in good hands.

We use professional-grade cleaning products to ensure a thorough wash on every job. Using the proper products and equipment for the job means you can get a much deeper clean than using traditional hand washing methods. The products we use gently clean off dirt, grime, mould, algae and any other substances, without damaging the paint or surrounding areas. Our products are also environmentally friendly, so they’re safe to wash down the drain and won’t harm your garden or your family with any nasty chemicals. If you need your house washed in Auckland, get in touch with the KleanFreaks team today to enquire about our options.