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KleanFreaks specialises in providing soft house wash in the Auckland area at great rates with top class service. A soft wash utilises modern water blasting technology to gently clean the exterior of your house without damaging or marking any surfaces. This is ideal to help protect your paint job and is particularly useful for older buildings where paint or other parts of the house might be sensitive or old. KleanFreaks combines knowledgeable staff with top quality equipment to bring you the best soft washes in Auckland.

We have clients with a range of different types of buildings including regular and multi level homes, townhouses, low level apartments, small and large flats, low level commercial buildings, industrial spaces and stand alone structures. So no matter what size or shape of building you have, we can perform a soft wash in Auckland no problem. Once on site our team will carry out an evaluation of your building and let you know the best options. We will happily explain the cleaning process step by step until you’re satisfied with the service you’re receiving, and if you have any questions our staff can help out. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products which are safe to wash down the drain and won’t damage your garden or outdoor areas. If you’re interested in getting a soft wash for your home, get in touch with KleanFreaks today.